Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TAM Sel/Wil Branch is organizing Telugu Cultural Show "Deepavali Samarpana"

Subject: TAM Sel/Wil Branch is organizing Telugu Cultural Show "Deepavali Samarpana"

Kindly be informed, TAM Sel/Wil Branch is organizing Telugu Cultural Show "Deepavali Samarpana" as follows:

Date : 11th Nov 2009 (Wed)
Time : 7 pm
Venue: PJ Civic Hall
Tickets : Only RM 10/ each . Only limited seats available, please purchase early
The troupe consist of 35 people from Tirupathi, India. It is very entertaining program. Just come an relax and enjoy it. You wont regret.

Tickets are available from all TAM Sel/Wil commitee. For further details, pls contact :

Dato Dr.Prakash Tel : 012-2871845
Dr.Baskar Rao Tel : 013-3643501
Mr.Krishna Tel : 012-2359091
Mr.Sathiya Tel : 012-2112559
Mr.Raman Rao Tel : 012-2183688
Mr.SubbaRao (JJ)Tel: 012-3958687
Mr. SubbaRao(MCIS) Tel : 012-9022551

Tentative programme details
1. A.Gangadhar - Mimicry and voices comedy sketch round the programme filling
2. Ch. Ajay kumer troup - Telugu Tejam Dance Ballet 30mnts minimum (this ballet performed recently at lodon got good appriciation)
3. K.R.Sudha Rani - Old And New Songs singing with music tracks Ghantasala and new also verity entertainment to audience round the programme filling
4. Narsambika entertainment ring dance
5. T.Soujanya Folk Dance
6. D.Prashanth Troup Mahishasura mardani little Dance Ballet
6. V.Anil Kumar .... Folk Singing
7. R. Thirupathi .....
8. J.Srinivas verity perini dance
9. K Ramanathan troup Singing
10 . K.Sudhakar Reddy Daksha mono action skit
11. K.Ramchander oggu and
12. D.Mallaiah entertainment 120 lights dance
13. sriramula kumar Entertainment skits


  1. I witnessed the performance. Splendid show by Andhra Telugus. Performance related to the glory of Telugus and Telugu language should be treasured. Hope someone has recorded it. Great job Selangor Branch under Dato Dr.Prakash and to TAM vice president Venkatesh. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you very much for your attendance and comments sir. Hope we will improve for the next one if time permits.

  3. Dato Dr. Prakash, Except yourself, Sree, Youth leader Venkataramana I do not get any feedback on my blog from TAM leaders, be it HQ or Branches. It is sad that I get more feedback from Mauritius than Malaysia, despite me sending so many mails. Sadly not even acknoledgements. I sincerely feel that the uploads I put in my blog could help our people to improve their standard of Telugu, their oratary skills, the knowledge on Telugu culture, telugu sangeetham and keertanas and many aspects. In Telugu there is a Sametha ' Doorapu Kondalu Nunupu' . People as they are tend to appreciate what is furtherst and tend to forget what is near them. Well we cant change the world. I get an average of 35 visitors and I hope I can atleat reach 50 by year end. One day I hope our people will realise what they have missed.