Saturday, July 25, 2009


By saturating work with love, it can be transformed into worship. When such work is offered to God, it gets sanctified into puja (sacramental worship). This makes it free from ego. It is also freed from the earthly desire for success and the earthly fear of failure. When you can feel that when you have done the work as best as you can, your puja is complete. It is then for Him who has accepted the puja to confer on you what He considers best. This attitude will make the work unattached. Regular practice of this discipline will render the consciousness clear and pure. Without this practice, however prospective your career might be, however much you may accumulate the wherewithal of a comfortable life, to whatever heights of authority you may have climbed through the exercise of intelligence, your gains shall be nothing, unless your every activity is suffused with the Divine purity, that is inherent in consciousness.

- Divine Discourse, Mar 6, 1977.

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