Sunday, July 19, 2009

Muggulu from Mauritius

Sri Sanjiva N Appadoo fro Mauritius invites to the below links to enjoy the awesome Muggulu (Rangoli)

1.) MugguluRangoli Telugu Culture Customs Heritage Traditions FolksTraditional patternsFestival floor drawings auspicious Wedding Puja Utsavaalu Sambaraalu NomuluVrataalu BrahmotsavaaluShalineePasupu 4Bornes, Duration: 3minutes 43 SecsLINK:

2.) Muggulu Rangoli Rangarekhavalli Pasupu Shalinee 4Bornes. Duration: 34SecsLINK:

3.) AmaraJeeviPottiSriiRaamuluVaariVigrahaDaggaraLakshmiMUGGULU @ MAMS GRNW Duration: 3minutes 16 SecsLINK:

4,) Special Muggulu @ MAMS GRNW Duration: 1min 1SecLINK:

5.) RangarekhavalluluRangarekhavalli Muggu Muggulu Traditional Plaza Salle de Fete Duration: 1min 52 SecsLINK:

6.) Muggulu RangoliRangarekhavalli @ Doyen Sri Sathya Sai SevaCentre Duration:34 SecsLINK:

7.) TwinklingMulti Coloured Plastic Very small bits Of Plastic @ Upper Dagotiere Wall DecorationSUSWAAGATAM Duration 2’ 09”LINK:

8.) MGI Sri Virodhi UgaadiMon230309 Sanjiva WithNew Muggu Teq (Paste of Flour in bottle) in front of MGI Blue Shirt Sanjiva Duration: 2minute 46 SecsLINK:

9.) MGISri Virodhi UgaadiMon230309 Muggulu On Porch Auditorium 3 55 15'' RoseHill,near PostOfficeLINK:

10.) MugguDuring Sri Virodhi Ugaadi Cultural Function @ Curepipe, Rep of Mauritius Salledes Fetes Hotel De Ville Curepipe, Duration: 2 minutes 27 SecsLINK:


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