Thursday, July 9, 2009


Michael Jackson-King of Pop Alive always

Reasons for his popularity

• His contribution to bridge the world through his music is immense.
• His impeccable dance movements and sense of perfection
• His Song ‘We are the world’ brought all Musicians together
. He managed to raise considerable amount of money for the needy.
• Had a musical career for 45 years and sold more than 750 million records
• His fans include kids to the old.
• He earns more money than many famous musicians even after his death
• He is the one who introduced moon walking dance to the world
• His gentleness while being the most popular musical icon of the world.
• His songs charted the top no, ‘ones’ for consecutive weeks.
• His songs from Thriller and bad will be remembered for long.
• He is friend of many popular artists.
• His love for children and his massive Neverland ranch
• He owns the Beatle Catalogue through which he earns lots of money.

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