Friday, August 28, 2009


Viewers to this blog are kindly requested to give their comments under each topic or upload. This will provide me some indication of the upload . Also as the uploads are not absolutely mine, it can motivate the people involved in the topic to do more for the society. Earlier, one has to be a Google account holder to make any comment. I have now resolved the situation. Now anyone can give their comments with ease. Please note that this Blog started with the mere purpose of enlightening my visitors on many useful topics, so that their life can be better. There is no ulterior motive in starting this blog except to keep in touch with as many good souls as possible. I spend a considerable amount of time in updating daily and I invite as many people to visit this blog and benefit from it. I believe by only sharing we can gain more happiness and joy and obviously more friends. Good News . The average viewers this week has increased from 23 last week to 38 this week. My target is atleast 100 viewers per day. Happy viewing and thank you for your time and comments

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