Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well many people who have reserve money would want to know where they should invest. My suggestion is - do not put all the eggs in one basket. If you have very good business acumen then invest in Business. But ensure that you have done your feasibility study before you embark in any business. A proper business plan is also very essential. Try to identify a business where you do not have to compete so that you have an edge. Think of Blue Ocean strategies. Make competition irrelevant.

Another area you can think of is real estate investment. Invest in areas where there is proper infrastructure and where there is heavy demand for properties based on the development in the area. Buy properties where your rentals can cover your instalments to the bank.

For those who do not want to do too much of thinking you can consider trust funds which are frequently launched by the Government. In the case of Malaysia ASM, AS Wawasan, Amnah Saham One Malaysia will certainly give you better returns than FD's in a bank. Public Mutual is well administered. You can invst in trust funds when the market is low and you can reap good profits when the economic situation improves.

Investors can also consider co-operatives such as MCIS Co-op, Vishaka Co-op and NLFCS co-op. All these co-operatives have been giving dividends of around 8 % for the last couple of years. Well is there any risk in investing in co-ops? Of course there is an element of risk and it is very necessary for you to see the respective co-ops accounts before you invest.

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