Thursday, August 6, 2009


Most Malaysian Indians parents would want their children to become doctors and most students too seem to have the same desire. In the fifties and early sixties I can still remember the number of Indian Doctors will be perhaps less than 300. As for the Telugu Community perhaps the only Telugu doctor during that time was Dr.K.M.Reddy . Today the scenario is completely different. The Indian docotrs in this country would have exceeded 10,000. There must be atleast 500 doctors of Telugu origin. It is a tremendous achievement. It must also be said that most families have sacrificed almost all their savings to see their children graduate as doctors. Obviosly it is worth the sacrifice provided the children understand and reciprocate.

Most of the Indians attend medical Universities in India and of recent large numbers have gone to Indonesia, Ukraine and Russia. Where Next? Dr. Anusha, Dr.Nandhini and Dr. Prashanth have graduated from Universities in Australia, Indonesia and Russia. Dr.Mahendra, Dr. Maheshwara Rao, Dr.Vengkatesh and Dr.Barath have graduated from India and Dr.Rao has gradated from Ukraine. Thanesh has gone India, Sangeetha has gone to Checkoslovakia, Gayatri has gone to Rumania, Venkatesh to Chennai, Shuren to Ireland, Sai Ganesh to Ukraine and soon Hamsa is going to China. These are all my family members. Let us wish all these aspiring doctors our best wishes. This is just a sample of a telugu family. I have known one telugu family with more than 12 doctors. There are many stories like this. To say that there are more than 500 Telugu doctors in Malaysia is perhaps an under-statement.

Above are some photographs taken during Hamsas farewell.

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