Saturday, August 22, 2009


The greatest challenge facing the Telugu Community in Malaysia is its mere existence and its recognition by both the Government and Private sectors. Both these challenges can be combatted if the Community can prove its exact population to the Government Authorities and other private sector organisations such as astro, tv3 etc etc which have some relevance to the Community.

In view of this challenges a Database web page was created by the Telugu Association of Malaysia. All Telugus must take it as their responsibility to visit this page and register all of their family members in this page.

The TAM Youths must also take it as a challenge and responsibility to go to the ground and register online. With Wifi around and most of us having laptops, we should dedicate a month to go house to house to register all the Telugus. I am very positive with the vibrant youths we have , this simple task can be fulfilled in a matter of months. Youth Leaders must take this as a challenge and complete this task for the benefit of our future generations.

We should also think of taking our Wifi computers to all our TAM functions, gatherings, weddings etc to register all Telugus irrespective whether they are TAM members or not.

TAM must consider the census as their agenda item to see the progress.

PPNaidu and TAM Selangor Branch has done an excellent job in creating such an excellent online Database. So let us do our duty to complete the job.

Let us now look at the page and see what we can do as leaders, Youths and as Ordinary members to this Basic Objective of ours.

Now to look at the web page please click below

Telugu padhaaniniki janmadhinam - TeluguMp3s.Com


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